Fuck Free!’s queerbaiting


Sister (my Trainer) has a crush on Furisode Girl #3.


Benefits of having OTPS that can double as brOTP:
Always together (platonic or romantic)
Nobody can deny they aren’t important to each other
Their fucking friendships are a precious thing
A good relationship
Communication comes relatively easy
Simple things can’t shake their unbreakable bro-ship



by marc0


Brand: Black MiQuri

Onlineshop: http://obakeshop.shop-pro.jp/ *

* Need shopping service to order// Payment method cash-on-delivery, so a ss that does cash-on-delivery would be more effective.



Went to Hot Topic

Did not see a SINGLE bit of Gir or Zim merchandise

Is it… Is it over? No more? Goth girls no longer care about Gir?


Jhonen Vasquez emerges from Hot Topics corporate headquarter’s basement screaming sweet freedom as he bursts out of his chains and crawls out into the unforgiving wild world of 2014


*works persistently for years at art, draws every single day without fail*

*renders a perfect ass*

at last


I was feeling a little down the other day so I decided to look back on what i’ve made this year. I realized I had ten “original” projects so I decided to put them into a photoset!

I’m proud of what i’ve made so far but I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped!

Luckily I have three months left, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount of stuff done in that time period. I think I have at least twelve projects I would like to finish up before this year ends, which is kind of crazy.

Most of these were made between April-August,  and this isn’t including Elsa, stays, chemises, headpieces, or incomplete projects. Everything was drafted and sewn by me, and most of them are original designs!


and here’s the full view of one of my other moon crisis pieces, “little dream.” markers, watercolor pencil, and ink on watercolor paper, plus glow in the dark paint and white glitter on the stars!

prints/merch available at society6 and redbubble. i’ll have some signed prints at AWA later this month, and online in my storenvy in october


Tiny Kisumi makes his appearance  (´▽`ʃƪ)


Legolas + smile.